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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Too Much!

I have almost too much going on at the moment, on top of work, with my family away I am making the most of my time alone.

Yesterday I managed to get a lot of my laundry done, certainly anything I may want to wear this week is now clean, I also came out to one of my long standing friends B.   This is a an I was at school with and shared a flat with for many years I was best man a one of his weddings, the caterer for anther and merely a guest at the third.   He is now living on his own again, I will be meeting him for dinner on Thursday to discuss my dressing, amongst other things.

Today I am off to meet my friend P, she is moving at some point soon so I don't know how many more of these girlie days we will be able to enjoy together so once again I want to make the most of it while I can.   As soon as I have bathed, shaved and dressed I will be off.   And then this evening I will be meeting a friend I met through our support group for a drink.   Now I am not sure what his interest is, as far as I know he is not trans himself so is he an admirer or just interested?   I have arranged to meet him in one of my safe places and will see how the evening develops.

Wednesday evening I will be having dinner with S and now on Thursday dinner with B, at least I won't have much washing up to do before the girls come home.
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