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Paula's Place

Monday, 27 August 2012

Still progressing

So, I played Bass last night, all in all not unsuccessful, there were quite a few "bum" notes but considerably less than half, and I woudl say that they were all in the right place.   Given that one of my many theories of music is that a right note in the wrong place is still a wrong note that's not too bad.    While I didn't try anything too fancy because I play the Tuba to a much higher standard I do know how to construct a bass line, which part of the chord to use when and what rhythms to use.   I think I will be doing this again, I also think that I will need a new bass.   The old was in store in an attic for quite some time, the neck is a little warped and as it is a very short neck this leads to some intonation problems that I'm no where near a good enough player to get around.   As I was playing I remembered my earlier post A Work in Progress and just though about how much of my life is still a work in progress even as I approach half way through my sixth decade.

On a different front I hope my planning is going to pay off this week.   Paula will be out all day tomorrow (Tuesday) with P and then out to dinner on Wednesday and maybe Thursday evening as well.   My family will be leaving around midday today so as soon as I get home from a little work today I will start doing my laundry.  I checked by text with my friend S that she would be OK if Paula turned up to dinner on Wednesday her reply was "I don't mind as long as I recognise you" interesting as usually I don't want to be recognised, but I expect I will be OK.

I like to have some idea about what I am going to wear in advance so tomorrow I will be wearing one of my summer dresses, depending on just how warm it is, I have a lovely white floaty dress that I have been dying to wear all year, it has just never been quite the right weather when I have been able to go out, I also bought myself a red and white cotton summer dress at the weekend that I woudl love to wear, I really want some nice comfy white shoes to go with it but I only have some canvass flatties, they may well go I may even have to take advice!

Wednesday evening I am not quite so sure, I don't want to frighten S off the first time she meets Paula, so nothing too outrageous, I expect I will wear my long black cotton jersey dress with white spots.   I can wear this with white or black shoes depending on how warm it is, it doesn't show to much leg and is long enough that my height isn't an issue.   Mind you Paula and S are about the same height and take the same size shoe, indeed S's work boots are actually a size larger than mine as she wanted to allow a bit more space for thick socks.   We have talked about some of my clothing choices I hope it will be fun to show her what it actually means in practice.   Which reminds me I must do some practise, tuba, trombone and now bass as well...........................

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