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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The view from below

I had intended writing a short update on my day out with P, and my preparations, miss givings and anticipation of going out after dinner this evening to meet a "friend" for a drink.   I have put friend in inverted comas simply because I don't know him at all well, I have just seen him at a few of our support group meetings.   I'm not sure what his interest is in girls like me so I have made sure we are meeting at my choice of one of my safe places, and that I will have independent personal transport home.

I trust that this will just be a pleasant evening with a new friend, but as my friend P told me today a girl has to be careful.

Anyway I was exploring some other blogs and came across one I have not seen before, well written and well thought out pieces from the Australian A E Brain.   Because I have written a few times about marriage I thought I would link to this piece, see what you think.
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