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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The other side

Sometimes I think "Stop the World and let me get off" I'm sure we all have those thoughts from time to time.   Life can get on top of us, at the moment I am working what feels like every waking moment, I have lots on and while the weather hold I feel I should do it, that means I have been working another six days on the trot.   When I got home yesterday evening I had a long soak in the bath with a cold beer, ate and pretty much went to bed.   Unfortunately I had several disturbances during the night, including being bitten by a mozzie.

After that I think I would have opened that door.   At least I had some time to catch up on my sleep and didn't wake up till 11:45 this morning.   I have lots t do round the house but can't quite find the energy, I have the place to myself with my wife at a craft event and my daughter away, but I can't even work up the energy to misbehave, so I am flaked out on the sofa watching "Carry on Follow that Camel"

Not sure that it is one of thier best but still lots of, mostly, harmless fun.   I think this is the only Carry on Filn with Phil Silvers, of course playing the Sergeant.   The male love interest is played by Jim Dale, one of the few regular members of the team who not only looked normal, but could be a credible male lead.   Sometimes I wonder what happened to him after the carry on films, he never seemed to quite find the parts he deserved.

Maybe I will find a bit of energy later and cut the grass, or one of the other hundred or so jobs that are waiting to be done, or maybe I won't.........................................


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Jim Dale had a pretty good career after the Carry On films, including starring in a Tony-winning Broadway musical, Barnum. He also was the person who "read" all the Harry Potter novels as audio books.

Paula said...

Yes I heard about these after I wrote this piece, the Harry Potter books in the UK version were read by Stephen Fry, and to my shame I always associate Barnum with Micheal Crawford who was in the original West End production, I'm afraid that I was being a bit parochial here