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Monday, 20 August 2012

Laundry Blues

Yesterday I said I had no energy, even to misbehave, well I did manage to find a little energy.   Paula's Wardrobe is in fact a couple of suitcases and they needed a quick going through and sort out.   If the weather holds I have a pair of white linen trousers I want to wear later in the week and they had a couple of marks on them so I thought I woudl quickly run the through the washing machine, along with a couple of white blouses.   While they were doing I washed my wig, juts as I finished this and hung it up to dry I had a text message from my wife saying she was on her way home.   This just gave me time to clear everything away, switch the washing machine to spin and get those clothes out and some other (more acceptable to her) trousers in.

This does high light one of the problems of my position, laundry.   I think one of the reasons I have so much underwear is that there are so few occasions when I can wash them, and this of course also applies to outer garments.   Keeping them in suitcases rather being able to hag them up also means that I have some lovely dresses that need to be ironed each and every time I want to wear them.   As a general principle I tend to the "life is too short to iron" point of view, but if it is that or a very crumpled dress, then sometime I just have to.

One of the things I am looking forward to next week when both my ladies are away is doing my washing!
Some like it hot but I'm of one of them! Work wise I prefer hot to wet thought and so over the last couple of weeks I have been working flat out trying to catch up o all the work that piled up while it was raining. I have just worked three consecutive six day weeks, and I have now almost caught up with myself, every time I think I have caught up something else emerges that has been waiting for me to do, so I will not go further that almost.

Yesterday I actually got a little time in my own garden. My wife and daughter were both out and I was sitting in the lounge watch Carry on Follow that Camel when I managed to work up the energy to cut the grass, this was a little difficult as our Hibiscus Tree had fallen over the grass. So I drove in a stake and tied it back, now I just have to hope that it will stay that way. As the space underneath now looked a little bare I popped in my last pair of busy lizzies, by the time I had done this lot it was beginning t get dark and was time to eat.

I know this doesn't sound like much, but it is the first bit of work I have managed in my own garden for so long, I wonder if I may have turned a corner.
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