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Paula's Place

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday night's alright

Yesterday (Saturday) was very busy with some work in the morning, before clearing out the van ready for the morning.   Only after that was all done could I start to think about going out in the evening.   As the evening cooled down a little I made my decision and wore my cotton jersey black dress with white spots.   I teamed this with some open toe court shoes and a white cardigan, quite light weight short with three quarter length sleeves, as well as keeping my shoulders warm this also covered up a lot of scratches I had acquired earlier in the day.

I was a bit annoyed I had managed to go a whole week and my arms and hands were looking good, then on the morning I am going out I managed to break two nails and scratch my arms.   Maybe this just shows how shallow I am.   After missing last months meeting it was good to see the girls again, catch up a bit, our meetings tend to be of a very social nature, not least by the nature of the venue (a nice friendly pub) and sometimes we discuss some quite important issues, but always within the social environment and not breaking the friendly atmosphere.

We used to meet in a gay pub, but for one reason or another the licensee has decided that she n longer wants to be known as a gay pub, bu wants to appeal to the whole community, what has actually happened is that she has ostracised most f her existing customers without getting any new ones.   The pub we now meet in is a nice friendly pub which in the words of the landlady is "for all the public"   I gather that the previous owners were Irish and it was known as an Irish Pub, when the customers found that the new owners were Asian they all went elsewhere.   Now the customers seem to reflect the community around them.   Since we have been going there we have always been treated with courtesy and respect.   Some of pass very well, some may cause some confusion, and lets be honest some are blokes in a dress, but so far we have all be welcomed by all, I think this is a tribute to the owner and the customers alike.   Last night there was a bit of party as one young lad was celebrating his birthday with his friends, one of them came over and tried to chat with us, but was very self conscious.   I suspect that he won a bet which involved a couple of pints, but we were all quite happy.   Maybe I should have tried to talk him into buying a round.
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