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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nice Tan

Like I say I had a lovely day yesterday, particularly sitting my the pool enjoying the sun, the tea and the conversation.   I remember at one point P moved her chair into the shade I stayed in the sun, "enjoying the feeling of the sun on bit that don't usually see the sun".   This morning when I got up and looked in the mirror I realised that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, I had strap marks!

Today was back to reality, starting with weeding in ground so wet and "gloopy" that it slurped every time I stuck my fork in, later I ended up wearing wellies clearing out a lot of rather nasty sludge from the bottom of a pond that needs some repairs.   Lots of nasty rotting leaves, but I had to go through it all by hand, just to make sure that any newts living there were rescued.   I found several little newts and a couple of large frogs so the effort was worthwhile.   Having cleared out the pool on Monday I start the serious repairs.   Tomorrow I have a bit a tree work to do, not sure how much yet but hopefully no more than a couple of hours, as in the evening I have a support group meeting and I have to settle  the important question of what to wear.

There are all sorts of choices, I could go sensible with jeans and a top, or maybe a nice cool cotton print dress, or then again I could go with an LBD or cocktail dress, I just can't make up my mind, but I will have to before tomorrow evening.

As an aside I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer accurate to talk about mobile phones, they are no longer just phones, and neither are they just for when we leave the house or office.   For many people they are the prime phone, and are used extensively for Internet activity and ext messaging, as well as radio, camera, calculator and games console.   Trying to come up with a more appropriate term I suggested Personal Communications Devise, the only trouble is that when abbreviated to PCD it sounds vaguely something that woudl require attendance at a special clinic for treatment.

Hope you all have a good weekend ~ I will
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