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Friday, 10 August 2012

In the Pink

Well I had a lovely day, after doing a bit of paper work I slipped into my pink linen dress and made my way down into Sussex to see my friend P.   The plan was to have a little lunch and then visit a Garden centre to pick up some plants for a couple of my customers, as things worked out we combined things and had lunch at the garden centre.   I had a very nice slice of Camembert and spinach quiche but by the time we had finished they had run out of scones, and P had set her heart on scones and cream.   We had a look around and bought some plants, I wanted a Cistus (one of my favorite flowering shrubs) and a Phlox, I managed to get a Cistus but the only Phlox they had where alpines.

Rather than going back to P's house we moved a little further into what passes for countryside until we came across the Hotel where P had her wedding reception, still pining for scones we stopped for tea, I think we were the only customers and received friendly personal service form the owner, nothing seemed to be too much trouble for the "two girls".   We sat out by the pool and just enjoyed the company the setting and the tea and scones.   For once I remembered to take a camera and got P to take a couple of photos, I might say that I was squinting because I was looking into the sun but that wouldn't explain the bad posture, anyway I will talk to my lawyers and we will be suing P later.
Times like this make you realise what life can be like with not too much effort.   It really isn't that hard to have a day off every now and then, and there are some really nice, fun things we can do without having to spend a fortune.

Back to reality after doing a little housework on P's computer I had to get changed head back to home and the Doctor's.   I am officially still alive and I am allowed a new epipen, something I hope never to use, but want to have about me just in case I do need it.

As I said I had a lovely day, while I am sure I woudl still have enjoyed it however I was dressed, I am also sure that I enjoyed especially the lunch and tea much more as one of a couple of girls than I woudl have as a bloke.   Not because of the way P treats me, more the way I feel and the way others treat me.   I am sure that a man and a woman receive a quite different sort of attention to two women, and I rather like that.

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LL Cool Joe said...

I'm glad you had a lovely day, the weather was great too.