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Thursday, 9 August 2012


A Gallimaufry is a "Confused jumble or medley of things" well that's a pretty good description of how this post may well work out, I first came across the word as the title of a suite of music for concert band by Guy Woolfenden.  If you do listen to this make sure your speakers are not set too low as the start is very quite.   My band has played this a few times including winning performances at the National Wind Band Festival and in the opening concert of a conference in front of the composer, so no pressure then!

There was an anonymous comment on yesterday's post
I only started reading because I thought you said "Fisting" in the title. Now I see this about something else. Never mind... I think I can see why the comment was anonymous.
I received this by e-mail this morning and enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it with you, insurance rarely raises a smile but this did with me


Make sure you get the Correct Insurance for the sex you are having.
Please find a list of companies below catering for most tastes:
  • Sex with your wife - Legal & General.
  •  Sex on the telephone - Direct Line.
  •  Sex with your Partner - Standard Life.
  •  Sex with someone Different - Go Compare.
  •  Sex with a lady of generous proportions - More Than.
  •  Sex On the back seat of a car - Sheila's Wheels.
  •  Sex with a posh bird - Privileged.
  •  Sex with an OAP - Saga !
  •  Sex with a transvestite - !
For my transcontinental readers these are all highly advertised British insurance companies.
Today I just have a few things I have to do at home (printing invoices and washing up, that is the sort of exiting life I lead), then some plant shopping, maybe a hair cut, and if I'm lucky I will have lunch out, it's a nice day but not too hot so maybe  will at last be able to get out one of my summer dresses.    I also have a Doctor's appointment this evening so that will mean another quick change, but it is time I actually met my Doctor.   We changed surgery over six months ago and I have yet to go there.
As for my earlier post, I don't know what was my imagination, or who is the most confused but I think for my next visit it will be big pants, or boxers, lets keep things professional.
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