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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A new Lie

I would like to add a new lie to my list of he Great 21st Century Lies, this one is
"Clump forming Bamboo suitable for small gardens"

Bamboo is lovely stuff, it makes a nice screen, moves in the breeze and sounds very interesting as it does move. however unless you measure the size of your garden in acres in is too small for bamboo.   There is a garden on the south coast of Cornwall, I think it is Trilithic, where they have a maze made from bamboo called the bamboozle, this is lots of fun and very elegant as well, but unless you have a whole valley to play with resist the bamboo.

Yesterday I was occupied removing bamboo from a garden where the owner had believed the label that said, "will not spread" ~ it lied!
They can now actually see their garden, by local standards this is actually quite a big garden, and rather than remove the bamboo altogether I have moved further down the garden away from the patio to a place where it will screen an ugly bit of fence, and not matter too much as it spreads.



LL Cool Joe said...

So you can move it and it won't die? Looks a great deal better now.

Paula said...

I hope so, I took a fair bit of root and it seems to be pretty resilient stuff, but even it does not survive I think that the view from the patio is a lot better now.