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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Text Chat

As I know whatever happens at the beginning of the week I will be very busy I have prepared a few posts in advance, this was written Sunday evening, depending on the fall out I may have more to report on this later..........
Croydon Town centre on a Saturday Night
After leaving my friend P I had a very swift and uneventful journey back to Croydon, I had planed to pick up something to eat before going straight to my support group meeting. We meet in a pub which does do food, but I thought I would prefer to have something before I started drinking, after all I don't want to get drunk on an empty head.

Coming back into Croydon I realised I had around an hour to kill before the meeting, and it was that time when the coffee shops were closing, restaurants weren't really up and running, and believe me Saturday night in Croydon is not a good place for a gurl on her own to go into a pub. Seeking help and expertise I sent a text to my friend S

Me "Advice needed: in Croydon abut an hour before my meeting, all dressed up and nowhere to go, where is a girl to stop for a sandwich?"
S "Let me think a mo. Would have met you but *&^% calling for me in 10mins then heading for the George"
Great this means she is happy to meet Paula
S "Can't think of much....... Or I suppose a pub, but don't order a pint as that is still unusual"
Better still she is thinking about my presentation, and oh yes S drinks pints
Me " Thanks for the tip, I always knew you were unusual!"
S "Funny I will be having a pint or 2"
Me "So will I but I'll be having them in halves"
S "Good plan. Hope the new purchase fits, have fun"

I am enormously encouraged by this exchange, I have spoken about my dressing with S and she has always seemed to be accepting but has not pursued the matter, now I feel as though it will be OK to introduce her to Paula personally. We have sort of agreed that if it is raining enough to stop me working Monday, we might meet for lunch while she and another friend are out in Epsom hitting the charity shops, I am sure our other friend will be accepting as I know she has another friend who cross dresses.
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