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Paula's Place

Monday, 16 July 2012

Crumpets for Tea

Well as so often seems to be the case with me the weekend did not work out as planned.   Saturday morning got off to a later start than I had hoped.   I should know by now that a teenagers idea of morning starts at 1:00 O'clock in the afternoon, so after I got back from a run to dispose of my week's trade waste I was still in a battle for the bathroom.   Because of my constant battle with body hair I spend a fair bit of time in the bath room before getting ready to go out.   On the other hand my daughter spends frighteningly little time in the bathroom, but ages getting dressed and putting on her makeup.   Just as I was losing patience and had started to get all my foundation garments on, there was a small knock on the bedroom door..."Daaaaad, it's raining, can you give me a lift?" So throw on jeans and a tee shirt and run her to her meeting.

The promised photo, complete with new glasses
This did give me the chance to finish getting dressed properly, before driving down to see my friend P, you will have worked out by this time that I had opted for Paula going rather than him.   My rational was simply that I don't get that many chances, and here I was with a Saturday when Paula could go out and play all day.   I knew P's husband would be around so not wanting to embarrass anyone unduly I dressed fairly conservatively in jeans and blouse with my Cuban heeled boots and denim jacket, in fact exactly the same outer-garments I would have worn if He had gone instead, the difference being the "foundations", the jewelry and the makeup, sometimes the differences can be very small, but oh so important.   It is a look I rather like, I think I look reasonably good, and don't attract too much attention, or frighten the horses.

We had a very nice afternoon,chatting away for a couple of hours, and just enjoying each others company.   We have been friends for years and time just seems to fly past when we get together.   As I say a very pleasant afternoon (considering the weather) including tea with crumpets and home made jam, and I collected my parcel, which was not all I had hoped, but better than I feared.    As I was going to a support group meeting more or less straight from P's I got changed into something a little less comfortable before leaving.
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