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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A teenager in love

Prepared late Sunday night, so if this is out of date by the time it is posted sorry.....

Giving up on finding somewhere to eat I just popped into Waitrose and picked up a coffee and a pork pie and ate them in the van.   After that I went straight to the pub where my support group is now meeting.   Just as I got out the van and was checking my presentation in the door mirror I got a phone call from home.   My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend could I get home ASAP.
When these things happen you realise that yes Family does come first.   Just as the call finished some of the other girls drove up so I passed my apologies to them and headed for home.   Not knowing who would be there or what emotional state they would be in I changed on the way, only just remembering to remove my nail polish in time.   As it happened my daughter had decided that the best way for her to deal with this was to go and have a sleep over with a girl friend, and had left by the time I got home.   However my wife was very emotional as well, and glad of my presence and whatever comfort I could provide.

While I was offered the option of staying and going to my meeting I am glad that I opted for home, and although it was not mentioned I am sure that my wife was glad that I decided to as well.

Teenagers are resilient (just as well really) and although it may seem like the end of the world at the moment I am sure she will get over this.   The only trouble is they are in the same worship band, the same youth group and go to the same school, I just hope that they can get through this next week without too much emotional turmoil.
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