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Paula's Place

Friday, 13 July 2012

Seeking Support

As I mentioned earlier it will be the monthly meeting of my support group this Saturday, as always I am looking forward to caching up with the other girls and seeing how things are going with them.   At our last meeting we had a couple of new members who live in quite difficult circumstances, it will be interesting t see if the help that was offered has helped.   As my wife will be out for the whole I may be able to make this a full Paula day.

I want to get to see my friend P and pick up a parcel she is holding for me, (a different kind of support) I'm just not sure that it will be convenient for her to see Paula over a weekend or whether it would be better for him to go.   I had thought I would go down t see her one day while it was raining and I couldn't work, but so far I have been able to work every day this week. (Yay it makes a change!)   Anyway I think I will give her a ring and find out.   Then I have the twin issues of what to do with the rest of the day, and the eternal question what shall I wear.

I have prepared myself for the warm weather with several summer dresses, but we just haven't been having the weather to wear them.    So maybe it will just be jeans and a top again......
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