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Friday, 13 July 2012

High Heels and the Little Black dress

My friend S was working with me today (Friday) so inevitably we talked about Wednesday night's concert.  

We also talked about what we and others were wearing.   The reason she didn't like her new shoes as much as she hoped was the lack of uppers as much as the presence of a heel.   They are very like ballet pumps, but with a wedge heel, apparently the very low cut made the combination a little uncomfortable after a couple of hours.   S definitely does not like to wear stiletto heels, I don't like platforms but did suggest that there are other high heel alternatives, I have a couple of pairs of quite high heels where the heel is the full width of the shoe, yet only has the profile of a stiletto, I like these very much they are very elegant and they are comfortable and easy to walk in.   However we did reckon that most of the girls were wearing nice heels, there were also quite a few examples of the LBD on display.

S had suggested that maybe I should wear one (an LBD) in a text message earlier that day, not being sure that she had made it clear who the suggestion was for, she pointed out that she had meant the suggestion of the LBD for me not for her,   My repost was that I was more likely to wear a dress than she is ~ S had to agree that this is true!   It was nice to chat about these things, and to freely admit to Paula, what would be nicer still is for S to meet her.   I hope that one day over the summer that will be possible, but I think I will have to initiate it.
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