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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Did I mention that I was playing a concert last night?   Although I did have one or two problems relating to concentration I think it went pretty well.  It was very nice of the conductor to come up and congratulate me afterwards, altough I may have had the biggest toy I was a very small part of a quite a big band, all of us working for a good performance.

We played a very entertaining  programme, but one that was technically very difficult as well, this meant that the band and the audience were all on the edge of their seats with excitement for much of the time.   Most of the second half was taken up with an arrangement of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana all 16 movements of it, in many ways this was one of the hardest peaces we have yet performed, a few years ago we looked at it and decided that we were only capable of playing a couple of the movements, now we have performed the whole thing to a high standard at the main Fairfield Concert hall.
The biggest toy

This was not an occasion for any obvious cross dressing, as we were all very much in the public eye, myself especially since I was on the end of the back row nearest the audience.   A bit of a shame really as this is also an occasion when the ladies in the band like to dress up in their glam rags, well most of them anyway.   Many variations on the theme of the Little Black Dress were in evidence along with some quite cute shoes.   I did try to concentrate on playing the music rather than any unfairness that kept me in trousers and plane oxfords.   Of course there are always one or two who just won't play the glam game, my friend S in one of them, just wearing plain black trousers and a shirt blouse, she did go as far as to buy some "Girly" shoes specially for the occasion, ballet style pumps with a very slight wedge heel, quite nice but not exactly dramatic.  I couldn't help noticing that they came straight off when we had finished playing to be replaced by the ubiquitous trainers.

That is quite an old photo if me, dating back a couple of years to my more hirsute days, the beard is now just a memory, but I thin I may grow my hair a bit longer again.......
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