Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Look who's comming to lunch

Today I will be having quite a full day, I shall shortly be going down to see my friend P, since it is the weekend and there may be others around I thought I had better check with her first, so we exchanged some text messages

Me  "Assuming it's not raining on Friday can I come down on Saturday to collect my parcel?If it's Saturday shall I come myself or shall I send (my male name) to pick it up for me?"

P   "Yes either is fine, just give me a ring. As for who's coming...Surprise me!"

So now I am still not sure which one of us is going to turn up, obviously Paula wants to go, but I am wondering is P would rather He went but doesn't want to upset me......sometimes life is too complicated for me.

Either way it is my support group meeting tonight, and I may well use the opportunity to test my latest purchase, I hope that it will be comfortable and help my shape, of course I may well be disappointed on both counts.
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