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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cut and Run

There are some really good things about my work, for one I can normally see what I have done, and most gardens look better when I leave than when I arrive, and that makes people happy.   I started with a new customer today, pretty much all I did was cut her grass.   However this made a big difference to the overall look of the garden and she was very happy to star getting her garden back.
Before I got started
It doesn't sound too much but the whole thing had to be strimmed before I could even think about getting a mower on to it.   As we had ore rain earlier in the morning the whole thing was pretty wet, in places sodden.   As I started cutting with the strimmer a fine spray of water came off the grass, making a mist all around me.   I was working with the strimmer for about two hours, and that was interspersed with raking up the cut grass.   Only after I had strimmed the lawn, and raked up all the cuttings could I get my mower on. even then with the blade at it's highest setting it still clogged up, however after going over it twice I think it looks quite respectable.
The Supervisor
For a large part of the morning I was supervised by a large black cat, not sure he was impressed by the noise and the destruction of cover, still he stayed around to make sure I did the job properly.
There is a lot more work to do in this garden, but it is more a process than a makeover, I will be there for a few hours every couple of weeks from now on.   After this start I should have it looking reasonable after a few visits, and next year it will be a real garden again.


That's about it on the work front today, but tomorrow I will be playing a big concert with my wind band.    Assuming that I manage to get any work done during the day I shall be making a quick change into my concert kit before getting over to the concert hall for a final run through before the performance.   So doesn't look like there will be much in the way of T activity to report for a while, but then there is more to my life than just my T activities.  not least on Thursday evening we have a meeting with my daughters teachers, all about A levels, she's only just half way through GCSEs and we have to start thinking about A levels and sixth form already. Like it says on the right I am many things, Gardener, Husband, Father, Musician.......

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