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Paula's Place

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A night on the beer

It’s Wednesday night, and I’ve just got home from the pub, my usual Wednesday evening consists of a band rehearsal, followed by a quick half hour or so in the pub before going home.   But this is the first week of the summer holidays so there was no band rehearsal.   My friend S and I decided that we would forego the rehearsal, as there wasn’t one anyway, and go straight to the pub, do not pass go do not collect £200.

Now, I have to say that we had a very pleasant evening, a few pints of live beer (an enthusiasm of we share) and some good conversation in congenial company.   A couple of times the subject of my trans nature did come up, but never in a way that required much further explanation.   We did discuss how my cross dressing allowed me an insight into what it is like being a lone female, especially one with an interest in beer.   It seems that S is quite happy to know about Paula and to listen to my insights into the female world, but is not yet ready to instigate an introduction.

Of course this means that I have a good friend with whom I can discuss just about anything, but maybe only one other lady (P) with whom I can lunch.
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