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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When the rain comes

I said earlier that I was not out working today, but staying at home and catching up with some admin, well of course as always it is never quite that simple.   A quick check of the diary reminded me that I had a job in the morning that needed some compost, and in the afternoon some bedding, to pot up, so I had to get out and go to the nursery.   Now given the choice the last thing I wanted to do was get changed for this, so I didn't.   It was quite noticeable how much more helpful the young man at the drive through bit was, loading the compost into the van for me without a second thought.   I got a few looks at the wholesale bedding nursery but I would put that down to it being an event for them to see anyone not wearing jeans, certainly they were all very pleasant and helpful.
I should have gone home after the nursery it would have saved me, but I thought since I was out that way I would pop into Banstead and have a trawl of the charity shops, I fancy a low heeled pair of boots, and a white belt.   Of course I didn't manage to find either of these, but I did buy myself a pink linen dress, and a nice colorful print cotton dress.   I certainly don’t need any more dresses, and I don’t know when I will get a chance to wear either of these, but I rather liked the way they looked on, and so succumbed to temptation.   Maybe I should take a leaf out of Meg’s book, she has a rule that every time she buys something, something else has to go to make room, I’m just not at all sure I have  that level of self discipline, no I know I don’t have that level of self discipline.

It was only as I was returning home and cleaning off my make up and getting changed that I realised that although I had brought a pair of jeans and a polo shirt with me I had totally forgotten to bring any boy shoes.   I had left home already dressed as I had the place to myself, but I knew that both my wife and daughter would be home.   Trying not to panic, I put on the lowest heels I had with me to walk to the door, slipped them off and into my bag as I opened the door, called out a hallo and dashed upstairs ostensibly to the loo, but in reality to get a pair of slippers.  

All very silly but a reminder to be a bit more carefull in future.
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