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Paula's Place

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hair please

Yesterday I mentioned that I wore different hair, it is longer than my normal hair and darker.   I liked the feel of the hair on my neck and shoulders but was not totally convinced about the colour.   As we all know mirrors can lie, we see what we want to see and can be quite selective about what we do see.   That is of course one of the reasons that we t girls like photos so much.

Just me

Little Miss Scary

Well once again we are not enjoying gardening weather so I have a day at home, ostensibly undertaking some data entry and admin.   Taking advantage of the moment I dressed pretty much the same as I did on Saturday night (same tunic dress, boots and jewelry just different tights) so that I could take some photos to show you and ask your opinion about how to wear my hair.   I took a couple with my own hair, a couple with my new brown straight hair and finally with my usual blond.   Seeing the photos I don't think I need any more help making up my mind.   I feel more comfortable and I think look a lot better in the last shot, and that's the look I will stay with for a while now.

Well that's better
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