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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I have been dropping in on Croydon Trans Group meetings for a while now, and feel very much part of the group.   I have made one or two friends in particular, and have enjoyed the social setting f the meetings.   However until this last meeting I was not really aware of the importance that such a group can have.   On Saturday we had a couple of new members who were very much in need of some support, both were feeling isolated, insecure, and vulnerable.   Just being able to meet and speak with other trans gender people helps.   To know that you are not alone, that there are others who accept you and want to help must be even better.   Other than for the day of remembrance I had simply thought of these meetings as an opportunity to go out dressed and as a social occasion.   I am now so much more aware of the importance they can have for others.   If nothing else mutual support and understanding is a form of empowerment, and freedom.
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Because we meet in a social setting it is all too easy to forget the underlying purpose of a group like this, I will of course continue to take the opportunity to dress, and will enjoy the social side, but I hope that I will also be a little more sensitive to the support that others may need, and and contribution I can make.

I fear that it is very easy to get very self absorbed,, to worry about our own situations, and forget that there are brothers ad sisters out there who are in much worse situations who really do need what ever support we can offer, even if it is just a friendly greeting and one evening a month when they can be themselves.
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