Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mear Meanderings

To day was nice and warm, indeed at one point the sun came out and it felt just like June!   Which was just as well as it was a busy day with lots of work to do on my first visit to new customer.   With lots of work I'm pretty tired by the time I get home and generally can just about manage my commitment to a couple of rehearsals a week, other than that I get home and can just about manage to stay awake till after dinner before falling to sleep on the sofa.  

As well as not getting much done this also means that I haven't got many opportunities to dress on the horizon.   I expect to be busy with bands on the next couple of Saturdays and working every day that's available.   This means that unless we have another wash out day (which is of course quite possible) I won't be having much Paula time.

I like to have an outing to look forward and need to plan something for myself for later in the month, and something for July.   As the summer may be getting into some sort of swing maybe it would be nice to find something that is not in central London, maybe a garden visit, or something by the seaside.

I will also be having more trips to Cardiff and am thinking of adding an extra day to one of the trips so as too visit Wells.   I have been keen to visit the Cathedral there for years, but have been reluctant to make a special trip.   If I can find somewhere suitable to stay overnight this could be a very special outing, alternatively I could just stay the extra night in Cardiff and take this very much as a scenic route home.
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