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Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Every day I like to look at some cartoons on line, I suspect that most of the are available in print, but I get my news from the radio and my cartoons on line.   Each day I look at Skinhorse, The Princess, 9 Chickweed Lane, Pibgorn, the Meaning of Lila, Marmaduke, Luann, Brewster Rocket, and others.   I access most f these through "Go Comics" so was horrified this morning when I went to the site I they didn't recognise my user name or password.

While I have now sorted the problem I have just spent half an hour or so that I should have been using for getting ready for work and am now going to be rushing around madly for next hour or so try to catch up with myself.   I have staff today so I will have to dash off in 15 minutes to pick him up and I haven't even got dressed yet.   In the mean time lets hope this raises a smile

    The last one actually inspired me to buy a set of animal print underwear, sadly the bra is now a little snug and the panties lost, mmm maybe time i replaced them properly......
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