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Paula's Place

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hairy moments

I had a bit of a difficult day today, between dodging down pours and my mower breaking down not a very successful day's work.   However I did have my friend S working with me today, now since coming out to her I have made one or two references to my activities (I gave her a nail polish I decided wasn't my colour) but we have never really talked about it much.   I think this is largely because she is not a very "girly" girl, much more interested in gardening, cooking and music three of my passions.   Well twice today the subject came up indirectly, first when we found ourselves discussing wigs and how the colour can be such a disappointment.   S had always fancied being bond so when she was offered a wig during the (successful) treatment for a cancer she tried a blond one, and it just didn't work, another friend of our used the opportunity to try lots of different colours and styles, we were almost running a sweep as to what colour and length her hair would be each week.   So I told the saga of my dark brown one, she took this well in her stride, but did not pursue the matter.  

Later ~over lunch, we were talking about passports, and I told the story of the last time used mine.   I had previously told part of the story, so she knew about the breakdown and being stopped by the Police, but of course had not been told before how I was dressed for all this.    I defy anyone not raise at least a bit of smile when they know the full story, and of course I still think that passport guy was just so cool!

I had hoped for a nice easy morning tomorrow before going off to play as a guest with a brass band, now it looks as though I shall be spanner twirling trying to fix at least one of my four mowers.
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