Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Most of the weekend so far has been taken up with Jubilee Celebration, Sunday I was playing with a concert and in West Wickham.   It was quite a big event going on all weekend, but the band I was with were just there on Sunday.   Attendance was a little disappointing but that was down to the weather.   Fortunately the band were inside so we stayed (mostly) dry apart from a few drips.   I ended up playing tenor sax parts on a borrowed euphonium, so not the most satisfying musical experience I have had, but it was nice to meet up with some old friends and have a relaxed chat over a beer afterwards.

Out of sheer devilry when I gt dressed for this gig I decided to wear stockings under my trousers, a pair of nice moleskin finish side zipped semi formal back trousers.   Although I don't think anyone else was aware I was very conscious that a/ one of the rear fasteners broke and was undone for most of the afternoon, and b/ the front fasteners showed through the thin material of the trousers quite clearly. - oops.

Yesterday the Brass Band played at my local park, as the conductor and contact with the organisers I thought I had better behave myself, we all had a nice enjoyable day and manged to avoid any rain, quite an achievement this weekend.   Today I am back to work, I know it is a Bank Holiday, but then I'm not a bank.
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