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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I'll leave the day off to the banks

I know that Tuesday was a special bank holiday here to celebrate the jubilee, but since I am no a bank, and the government forgot to mention how I would get paid if I followed their suggestion and took another day off, I worked.   It was actually a bi of a strain getting up and out but I did manage to do a fair bit before the rain got to a point where I couldn't carry on.

I am not a believer in gardening in the rain, not only is it quite unpleasant I also always fear that I can do more damage than good.   Simply walking n wet ground will squeeze any air out of the ground causing it to clag up and become much less fertile.   Any way as I was soaked through by the time I got home I was col wet and stiffening up so I prescribed myself a hot bath.    Enjoying a good long soak I had a through shave, and felt much better.

I love the just shaved feeling, especially since I have started using a body lotion immediately afterwards.   Afterwards I just threw on some jeans and an old rugby shirt and we spent the evening slobbing out on the sofa, watching TV.

"The Boss" goes back to work today so I shall make sure the washing up is done before I take her a cup of tea up o the bedroom.   This will be her first day back after four weeks sick leave so it could be quite hard for her.
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