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Paula's Place

Sunday, 10 June 2012


It is stupid O'clock in the morning, and I have just got home after my support group meeting, to the musical accompaniment of "Penge Bird Song" from the next door Tesco Express alarm going off.   We had a very good evening with a couple of new members coming along, I hope they will come back.   I was reminded how valuable these meetings can be if only to confirm to lonely and isolated brothers and sisters that they are not alone.   I had a couple of conversations and hope that I was of some help.   We are currently meeting in a "normal" local pub, who quite frankly are glad of an extra ten or twelve customers on a Saturday night.

Given that the best (conservative) guess for numbers of people who are trans to some extent or another is one in five hundred, if we only allow for male to female dressers that means that there should be at least 3,000 cross dressers in Croydon alone, (given a population of 300,000 of which half will be male) now I suspect that there are probably more than that, but if just half of them turned up to our next meeting, I think we would have a very confused but happy landlord.   As it was there were 12 of us tonight, I think we all had a good time, and were certainly made welcome.

Last month I was a little unsure of the venue so dressed down a little, tonight I was less circumspect going for opaque black tights, high heeled knee boots and a black and white cotton tunic, very comfortable and while showing quite a bit of leg the opaque tights made me feel that at least I was covered.   I did wear my new hair, but although it is comfortable I am still not sure about the colour, I think I will have to take a couple of photos and run a poll.
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