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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wringing my panties, not my hands

Thank you all for your best wishes for my wife,  after a great deal of waiting I now (about 10:15 Tuesday night) have some news on her progress.   I dropped her off at the hospital this morning at 7:45 she had been fasting since about 10:00 the previous night and had not been able to have anything to drink in the morning before the procedure.   When I spoke to her at 2:00 she was still waiting to go into theatre, and getting very hungry.    By seven she was out of surgery and awake and eating.   However by 10:00 tonight it had been decided that she could not come home tonight.   Although it will be strange being at home without her I think this is for the best, until she is fully recovered (at least from the anaesthetic).   Although I would prefer to be with her at least I am reassured that all is OK.

With one thing and another it does mean that today has been a bit of an odd one.   Even though the weather was fine I only managed to catch up on a couple of hours work, most of the time I was doing those things that have to be done, but no one pays me to do.   Trips to the dump, servicing the lawn mower letters to the council, all that stuff that builds up while you are not watching. 

The other thing I have been able to catch up a bit with is my laundry.   This is a perennial problem for me, it's not too hard to rinse out a pair of knickers, but anything more needs time and space, two resources that are generally in short supply.   So tonight I have put a few things through the washing machine which will allow me to wear a few of favorites again soon.   I don't know how much time I will have in the morning but if there is enough I shall put a few blouses and some of my undies through the machine next.   If nothing else it will broaden the range of choice I have as to what to wear Saturday night.
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