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Paula's Place

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Home alone

No not that terrible film with the horrid little brat cute young boy, after my daughter left for school this morning I had the house to myself, we didn't know when my wife would be allowed home so I didn't want to go too far off to work in case I had the call to collect her, but neither did I want to waste the whole day moping around.   As I had the place and the day to myself I decided to get myself a little organised.

I went through all my clothes sorting out what needed washing and getting that done, checking what I still have after last months losses, even now as I think about I am trying to remember if there were a couple of items that I missed, like my hooped tunic.   Of course going through everything like that I had to put some on, before long I was all dressed up with no where to go, a quick call to the hospital confirmed that I would not be needed for at least a couple of hours, so I decided to pop out for a coffee.   I visited my (current) favorite Costa and enjoyed a latte and a bit of carrot cake while reading, I then had a quick browse through the local charity shops.   I'm not entirely certain, but I think I might have hit a jackpot.   I have a nice tailored Marks & Spencer's grey jacket, today I found some trousers that I am sure are a perfect match but haven't had a chance to check yet.   Although I find I am increasingly accepting the femininity of trousers, but given a choice I think I would still wear a dress.   If these trousers are the match I think they will be then this will be a trouser suit that I might even try wearing in a semi dressed way, with male(ish) accessories and no make up or wig ~ we will see.

The really good news is that my wife is home, sore, tired, bored but home and basically OK.   Like many people I moan about my partner (and I'm sure she moans about me) but this has served to remind me just how important she is to me, I must remember to tell that when she wakes up.
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