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Friday, 11 May 2012

Suits you Sir (?)!

Well I did manage a decent bit of garden work this (Thursday) morning, I cut quite a bit of grass did some weeding and generally tidied up.   On my way to the second job it started to chuck it down with serious rain again.   At that I point decided that I didn't want to play anymore, I dived into a supermarket made use of their "facilities" to change, at least some of, my clothes, then finished off the transformation in the van before visiting a near by small shopping centre.   The point of the heading is that I couldn't resist trying on my new trousers, and yes with my favourite grey jacket I have another suit, they are a perfect match. This is very similar.
Nice shoes on sale at Marks

First I popped into Marks and Spencer. I hoped to find some items I had seen on line and thought I might like but this clearly wasn't a big enough store to carry those items.   There were two minor incident while I was in this shop, while I was browsing through the lingerie department I am sure that I saw a "sister".   I have been working n getting into the habit of not avoiding eye contact, but acknowledging people who notice me with a smile.   Well I noticed this large woman with strong features also browsing through the knickers, so I gave her a smile, she avoided my eyes and moved off without acknowledging me. It was only then that I realised that this is exactly what I would have done a year ago.   As I watched her from behind I observed the slightly too short hemline and the narrow hips.   I'm sorry she did not acknowledge me clearly she was rather nervous, I kept an eye open for her as I continued shopping (wasting time) it might have been nice to share a coffee.   After this I had a look in the shoe department they did have some nice burgundy pumps on sale, as I was trying on a pair, a very nice and friendly young female assistant engaged me in conversation.   There was no pressure to buy the shoes, just a friendly offer to help, which led to friendly conversation.   I liked the shoes, but wasn't sure when I would wear them or what I would wear the with.   This never seems to happen to me in drab, but often when I am Paula, I embrace it as an indication of my femininity.
More nice Burgundy shoes from Marks

After Marks I popped into Costa for a latte, before going into a Debenhams.   I was asked by the Clarins rep. if she could help me, I just told her honestly that I was just wasting time since it was raining, we had a bit of a chat before i admitted that I had never used Clarins.   You rose to the bate and offered to show me their range.   I have never been quite sure of which foundation and concealer to use so I admitted as much and was immediately offered a colour match.   She quickly found a foundation that worked with my colouring, then asked about what I wanted from a concealer.   I admitted that I wanted something that would cover the darker areas around my chin, she understood and found something that would do the job.   As I had not planned to do any shopping I did not want to spend the money then and there, so she gave me her contact details and offered a "make up consultation".   I fully intend to take her up on this, possibly first thing in the morning before going out somewhere............

I then went upstairs to have a look in the lingerie department, ever since I got my new boobs I seem to be obsessing about bras.   Again they had quite a few items on sale, as I was going through the racks I nice assistant again asked if she could help, I told her I was looking for something in a 38 C or D in the sales, she went through them all trying to find something for, and told me she never has these problems being a 34 C, I couldn't believe that I was discussing bra sizes with a strange woman!

This was an excellent little outing, I had a lot of fun, learnt something and had some really positive contacts.   I wonder how much of the friendliness I experienced was down to wearing trousers.   Very feminine trousers,and with very nearly full make up ( I am trying to see how little I can get away with) there was no mistaking that I was presenting as female but everyone I encountered, staff and customers alike all acknowledged me with a smile and a friendly disposition
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