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Paula's Place

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm so excited

It's all very exciting, tonight we have our support group meeting.   I think I have decided on jeans and a denim jacket but of course I reserve the female right to change my mind.   Then tomorrow afternoon I am playing with an orchestra up in town.   I haven't played with this Orchestra for a while so it will be twice as good to see some old friends.

Jenson Button fastest in practise in Spain
Then on Monday I am going down to Crawley to see my friend P, this does mean taking a day off work which I shouldn't at the moment but she goes on holiday for few weeks at the end of next week so I though I had better get down there while could.   I have made no plans of what I will wear but I know I will look gorgeous; how? I have made an appointment with the nice lady from Clarins I met on Thursday.   If I am feeling very rash and more than a little flush I might buy those shes in Marks as well.   This all sounds like it is going to be an expensive day, so today I will have to go out and do a bit of work before sitting down to watch the qualifying for tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix.  

Yesterday in the final free practise Button's McLaren was the fastest as well as the best looking car, so as usual I shall be rooting for Jenson Button, but I have to say I'm not sure about the latest incarnation of his face fungus.
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