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Paula's Place

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Out There

I know I should get someone to take some photos when we have these support group meetings, I just never seem to think of it at the time.   I have just got home after this months meeting, and as always there is a very real down as I take off the makeup and return to being "him" like a Butterfly breaking out of the chrysalis then being forced back into being a caterpillar again.   At least this time it is only for a couple of days.

Well it was a very nice, friendly and sociable meeting with a few old friends and a new couple.   We met at a different pub, one who would prefer not to be mentioned on line as although they are quite happy to accommodate us, they do not want to get a "niche" reputation.   The staff and other customers were quite friendly and accepting, so we have decided that we will have the next few meetings there and see how we progress.   Due to the current family situation I got to the meeting rather late so didn't have a chance to speak with anyone much other than my friends Juliet and Helen, but it was nice to see everyone and just to be out.

I did say that I would tone down my style a bit and I think I managed fairly well, if you were there and disagree let me know ~ please! As planed I went with jeans, I opted for my M & S boot leg low rise ones rather than the skinny fit, or the middle age high waist straight leg ones (I now have three pairs of women's jeans to two pairs of bloke's) teamed with my "bum freezer" denim jacket, ankle boots and a black lacy camisole, I think I managed a quite feminine presentation without being too obvious.   Having arrived late, when everyone else left while the bar was still open I decided to stay for another drink, an just to enjoy being out, before I had to return home.

I am now looking forward to Monday and my planned outing then, I will have to make sure that I am home on time, as I have  a rehearsal Monday evening.   In the mean time I should be preparing for Sunday evenings Orchestra service.
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