Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Monday, 14 May 2012

Just off

I am just about t leave for my day out, yet I still have no idea what I am gong to wear.   Well in fact that's not true I have far too many ideas of what to wear.

After I get changed into whatever fem wear I will finally go with I have an appointment with the nice Clarins lady before a quick dash sow the motorway to Crawley to see P.   She has told me that a package has arrived for me, that will be my new "bum pads" this is another new departure for me, and I' not sure how they will fit or feel.   I know that having proper breast forms has transformed my dressing, somehow I feel so much more feminine than I did with my previous more hap hazard padding, I can't hope that these pads will have the same transformational effect.

It often happens that things get a little hectic towards the end f a day out, so I may not post again till the morning, when I will tell all.
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