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Sunday, 6 May 2012


This is a subject I have been mulling over for quite a while now, and amongst other things the poll over at Meg's has made me think even more.   I have a suspicion that too many people go into marriage lightly, for the party and the photo opportunity, to be the center of attention, rather than the whole business of a life long commitment, for better or worse.  

As I mentioned recently we have been married for 20 years, at the moment we are going through a bit of a rough patch, but I believe we will get through that.   I would not want any one to life in misery or fear so there has to be a place for divorce, but I worry that now around half of marriages and civil partnerships do end that way.   I have a friend who has just completed his third divorce so I guess he sort of counteracts me in the stats, but he is becoming less unusual in his multiple failed marriages.

I don't want to harp on too much here so what I have done is put up another page, if you are interested in my thoughts, or would like to add yours please go to that page, if not then at least here are some pretty pictures of some lovely brides.

This one is from TG Today an excellent resource I have only just discovered.

You may well recognise this "Virgin Bride"

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