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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Well yesterday didn't quite work out how I had planed it.   All started well, as I would be going into Debenhams without any make up on I decided that I would stay with my new found restrained presentation and wore the same jeans, boots and jacket that I wore on Saturday night, just with a different lacy camisole top.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Liz at the Clarin's counter, she managed to find a concealer and foundation that suit my skin and colouring, and then did a full make up for me.   She did do it rather differently to what I usually do and used some slightly different colours, green eyeshadow and a stronger blusher.   The result was very nice and I shall be using some of what she advised in the future, also I will be taking up her offer of a return visit to be made over again.   It was very nice to feel pampered and valued, this was partly down to the process of having some else put make up on for you, but largely down to Liz's very nice nature and manner.   We chatted about a lot more than just makeup, covering children (mine) boyfriends (hers) and work (both of us).

By the time Liz had finished with me time was getting on so I saved spending more money by not going into Mark's to be tempted to buy more shoes, and just drove straight down to P's.   On arrival I found P waiting for an important phone call, so rather than go out to lunch I popped round to Tesco's and picked up some thing I could cook for us there.   We had a nice leisurely lunch until I got a phone call warning me of a family matter that needed my attention, meaning I had to get changed and back to Bromley quickly.

P offered her spare bedroom for me to get changed in while she brought in the wood from the van.   As I was already in jeans the change didn't take quite so long as it can and the difference was not quite so dramatic.   A couple interesting little observations on the day.
  • While I was cooking P insisted that I wear a "pinny" this amused her much more than any thing else she has recently seen me wear.
  • After I got changed and came down stairs I was greeted with "Hello, I haven't seen you for a while" ~ maybe I should make of point of seeing P as "him" as well as selfishly enjoying my outings as Paula.
  • The more restrained presentation seems to attract a lot less attention,   I think that my aim is not so much to pass, I suspect that I can never do that, more I am aiming to blend, to "not frighten the natives"
I have a lot more I could (and may) write around these issues, how people react, what is acceptable behaviour, what I aim for when I dress etc. etc. I have also been inspired by Joe to write something on a matter that has been exercising me for a while now.   Nothing trans just something that I think needs a wider airing.
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