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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Big Pants smaller Panties and a variety of Bras

Yesterday (Wednesday) was another wet and miserable day, I think it rained just about all day.   I got up early as I have a regular paryer group I go to at 7:00 a.m. every Wednesday.   It was raining when I got up, it was raining when I went out, and it was raining when I came home about 8:30.   I had no alternative other than to cancel all my day's work.
So I was at a lose end until my wife asked me to buy her some knickers if I was going out, like I need t be asked to go and do some lingerie shopping!     So after a trip to get rid of all my green waste from the little work I have been able to get done this month I got changed (my nice grey and black day dress, grey jacket and because it was windy as well as wet, long Windsmoor coat) and went into Croydon.   I had instructions from "The Boss" to get her a couple of multipacks of pants from Marks and Spencers.   Apart from the obvious pleasure of being instructed to go to a lingerie department I was pleased with my commission since it meant that I could buy my wife something at least a bit prettier an what she would buy herself.   I would stress that my interest in my wife's underwear is that of any other husband, she takes a size 20 I take a size 12 so we could not borrow each others even if we felt the inclination.

While I was in Marks and Spark I looked at their bra and pantie sets, but I was none too taken with any of them so I then looked in just about every appropriate shop in Croydon including La Senza, I was after something in black, not too naughty but fun,   everything I saw that I liked wasn't in a size that would be anywhere near fitting me, either far too big a cup size or far to small a band size ~ I know I'm a freak but I didn't expect these problems.

Having decided that I wasn't going to find what I wanted I settled down and had a cup of coffee in Costa enjoying watching the world pass by.   Just as I was leaving for the car park I went back into the Allders lingerie department and found that they had a lot of items on some very special offers, I ended up with two bras (one black plain and one lacy white) and matching panties for £12.50 he lot, and I was encouraged to try them on first to make sure that I got the right size.  In this style a least it appears that the right size is 38D that means I now have bras in cup sizes B, C and D. and in White (2), Pink (2), Zebra Print (1) and Black (1) I also have matching panties for one black one and one white one.   Buying boy undies is never this difficult, just pick up a pack of "medium" in Tesco's and who cares what colour they are?

It almost stops me complaining about the rain
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