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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Sitting here watching the rain fall again this morning it's hard to believe that we are in the middle of the worst draught in over 30 years.   I am now almost up to date with all my admin but have lots and lots of outdoors work to catch up on, none of which can be done in the rain, except for a visit to the green waste site.   Under normal circumstances I might be glad of a day at home en femme, but my daughter has been struck down with the lurgy so is at home from school, and I don't think she is ready to meet Paula yet.

So I will be going out today, and I may be en femme and I will be buying some panties!   However they will not be in my size, my wife has just this moment been commissioned me to get her some new pairs, and she is a much larger size than me, so much so that there will be no way anyone would think they were for me.   I think I may take the opportunity to get her something a bit prettier than she normally buys herself.

Yesterday was a dry day, so I managed to get a full day's work in, and as I had my co-worker with me we did well.   I have a garden I am doing quite a lot of work in at the moment, it is on a very steep slope, last time I was there I cut down a lot of very over grown laurel, this exposed more ground which was pretty inaccessible because of the slope.   Yesterday I put in some "rustic" steps using logs from the laurel as the risers, it looks really good and makes the area accessible, I think we will plant the area up with hellebores.   It is good to get a job done, stand back look at it and think yes "that's good".   I must get into the habit of taking pictures of my work.
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