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Friday, 6 April 2012

Wild Wednesday

First off, I know I really need to sort out my picture taking, if only so I can illustrate this blog a bit better, I'm sorry but yet again today I failed miserably to take any pictures at all.

So the van is still not functioning, so I reckoned that I would not be doing any gardening today, anyway my first appointment was with the optician, for an eye test and to choose some new frames.   As suspected I will need varifocals now so have had to order some new glasses, I was also told that I have the beginnings of a cataract, like the failing near sight this is age related ~ so that makes me feel so much better not.   I decided early that I would dress in a pretty androgynous manner for this appointment as I wanted to get two pairs (they are running a bogof) one of which would be quite feminine.   I put on some light eye makeup, and lip gloss, a pretty pink Cami I bought a while back, a mauve blouse with some subtle embroidery, jeans, mink sheer tights and some low heel pumps.   Thinking about it more fem than androgynous except no boobs and not much makeup.

The staff at the opticians were far too polite to comment on any of this, but when choosing my new frames I mentioned that I would like one pair that was more feminine, this was greeted wit an "of course, perhaps you would like to choose some from the ladies section" would I? silly question.   The two pairs I choose in the end are both pretty much neither one thing nor the other, but I think will serve my purposes nicely.   These glasses are outrageously expensive but I plan to be wearing them for a while.   Having said that I was talked into a free contact lens trial, I have always been reluctant to try contacts, but since they are free I may as well give them a whirl.

I don't know whether this had put me in the mood for shopping or whether I was need of some retail therapy.   I had a bit of time left at the car park so I popped into the local Mind shop.   Last week I had noticed a nice Marks & Spencer dress and jacket suit in my size, but at that point I had resisted the temptation, today I bought it.   I was not about to buy something like this with trying it on first, so  after checking with the staff I took it into the changing room and tried it on.   The shop was quite busy and I'm sure I was noticed, and when I came out the male assistant commented on what lovely colour it was, and what a nice suit, while still calling me sir.   This felt  a little surreal partly because it was the colour I wasn't sure of, I must say I did wonder if he was a sister ~
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