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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Still Wednesday

After my trip to the opticians I popped home for some lunch, as you would I had to try on the new suit properly, you know heels, full makeup jewelry and wig.   Then once I was all dressed up I thought, well now I've just got to go out.   So I went over to Banstead to check out the charity shops there.
I picked up a couple of pairs of earrings, a lovely watch with interchangeable straps and trim, and some rather posh seamed stockings, and a nice wrap around grey wool skirt, all for less than £20 in total   I did have a little trouble with some irritating young children but soon managed to get rid of them.   I fear that I was a little obvious being dressed like the mother of the bride while everyone else was looking ready for a hack in the country.   I would have liked o stay out fully dressed like this for longer but I did have another appointment, with my osteopath.

As I mentioned here and here, I have been teasing him a bit with what I am wearing when I go for our sessions, he is far to polite to say anything but I am trying gauge his reactions from the way he carries out the massage.   Well today I upped the anti quite a bit.   I was wearing some nice but basic high leg white panties with butterflies on, a pair of sheer mink trouser socks (pop socks) pale pink pearlescent nail polish on my toes nails, and he pretty pink lacy cami I had on earlier.   I also wore one of my "gold" chains.   There was no way that he didn't notice, it was so obvious what I was wearing.   After I was stripped down to my panties he had to ask me to remove the chain, so I was totally naked apart from my panties.

Laid out on the bench it must have been so obvious that my entire body was shaved clean, and my toe nails polished, there was no comment, but there was time spent on my feet, legs and lower back.   This meant that he had to roll down the top of my panties at one point, and was above the leg line at another.   I have always enjoyed my visits, but think that maybe I should show a little restraint before things get out of hand.
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