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Paula's Place

Friday, 20 April 2012

Thursday Thrills

Well as my last post should have suggested I had a pretty full day yesterday, enough o need a few posts to cover, I had to make an early start as I wanted to get to the timber merchant before going to the opticians for a 9:30 appointment.   As my wife doesn't leave for work until well after 9:00 my plan was to leave in total drab, get the trellis I wanted and then change my undies and put on some tights while retaining my jeans and shirt in the restrooms at the local Tesco "mega store".   I could then adjust the underpinnings, put on my face and wig before going to the opticians.

Of course as always plans doesn't quite work out, there was a big queue at the timber merchants and a lorry unloading so I ended up too late to do any changing before going to the opticians, never mind they have seen him before as well as Paula.   This was my second session with contact lens and I did manage to get both lenses in and out once, one more session and I should be ready to fly solo.   My first thought about getting contacts was for Paula, but I can see (sorry) real benefits for him as well.   I am not sure I would want to wear them all the time, but certainly I think they could be good for all sorts of things, like concerts and outings, as I said we'll see.

Now of course I wanted to get changed before making my way down to see my GG friend P, I had some time to spare where I had parked the van so I headed down the high street planing to get my undies changed and put om tights in the restroom of one of the coffee shops that are proliferating everywhere.  Passing the "Sense" Charity shop I decided to pop and did see a nice floaty summer dress that I decided to try on.   I then used  the opportunity to get fully changed, it must have looked a bit like Clark Kent turning int Super Girl as I when into the changing room as him and came out as Paula (less make up and wig) just to check the fit of the dress in a larger mirror.   I did buy the dress although it is a little short, no it's quite a lot short I think I may have to wear it over skinny jeans or leggings.

Back to the van and then make my way down the Motorway to P's.   When I arrived I had n the lovely grey and black dress I bought last time I visited her.   She actually had a very friendly neighbour visiting her, and we chatted together for a while, before she left and we headed off for our lunch..........To Be Continued
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