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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Purple's not my colour

Yesterday I was working with my friend S, I told her a few weeks ago that I am a cross dresser, and since then although we haven't really talked about it I am sure that she will have noticed some evidence of the fact in the van (like the big bag of clothes in the back and the pack of make up wipes on the dash).  

Well I had been doing a little experimenting with nail polish and on Thursday I tried a new colour ~ purple, I have seen quite a few girls wearing this sort of colour and like it on them, but somehow it is not my colour, I like reds and pinks, or my current favourite a sort of ever so slightly pink pearl.   Anyway the point is I didn't like the purple on me and S is one of the girls I have often seen wearing a dark purple polish.   So I gave her the bottle saying I know she wears it but that it's not my colour.   Out of this sprang a whole conversation first on nail polish and then to one or two other aspects of my "interest" such as lingerie shopping.   I had touched on my adventures buying pants for my wife in the pub after rehearsal on Wednesday night, now I could tell her the whole story.

Generally I am touched by how understanding and accepting the people I have told have been.   I am hopeful that one day S will want to meet Paula, but I don't think I will push too hard on that, after all I don't want to spoil a "beautiful friendship".

On a negative note I got another parking ticket through the post yesterday, this one fro the shopping centre car park I used last time I had lunch with P, that make three in two weeks ~ to say I am a little P%@#ed off would be an understatement.   At least we managed a full day's work yesterday and had two very satisfied customers.
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