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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Over on her blog  my friend Meg has a poll about being a bride, this the second poll she has run on what she considers the ultimate female experiences.   The first was about giving birth so both of these are experiences that most of us T girls are never likely to have.   Now when it came to considering giving birth, my reaction was very much NO THANK YOU I was at my daughters birth and saw what my wife went through.    I am eternally glad and rejoice in my daughter, she is wonderful, talented, beautiful, intelligent and the most annoying person in the world ~ but then that's how it's supposed to be.   But the thought of willing going through that level of pain I just don't think I could do it.   I'm not sure what that says about me, either as a person or perhaps more to the point as a woman.   Maybe it is just age and experience, or maybe it's cowardice, either way parenthood was something I really started enjoying about 18 months into it.

Now being a bride is something else I had never actually considered before.   Again I wonder if this is an age thing,   I only began to come to terms with my T status after I had hit middle age, an age when most women who are getting married might not think of themselves as "A Bride" and are unlikely to be doing the whole fairy tale dress thing.   It may also be an association thing, when we got married it was a straight choice between Church or Registry Office, we opted for the Registry Office as at the time neither of us were practising Christians, so we both wore suits (mine with trousers Hers with a skirt!).   My suit still fits, I also suspect that my wife's would fit me as well (or only be a little large) but it would be far too intrusive to try.

Any way enough meandering, the point is that these question Meg has asked has made me think about what sort of a woman I am.   I enjoy my time out as a woman, I love being treated like a lady.   But if I don't want to embrace the full female experience, am I just playing at this?   Using my cross dressing as a holiday from being myself?  or is it more to do with my age and experience, either way I'm not about to stop.
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