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Paula's Place

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday night / Sunday Morning

I am actually writing this Sunday morning having not long got in from playing in a concert with a local wind band.   I was very much out of my comfort zone as I was playing second trombone, given that I don't actually play tenor trombone this is a challenge, but more than that I find it harder to "hear" the inside notes of a chord than the top or bottom so in some ways second is harder for me than first, apart from not being able to get the high notes of course.   The concert went down well with the audience and afterwards I was able to enjoy a few drinks and a chat with some friends I haven't seen for a while.

The morning had started a little later than intended, I was just too tired to want to get up, so I went to the opticians in drab, this was my third go at contact lenses.   I did manage to get lens in both eyes and get them out again, but they want me to do one more supervised session before letting me go solo.   At first when I was offered contacts I thought of them purely from a trans point of view, but once having them in and being able to see. everything, I can see the attraction.
The last few concerts I have played I have been wearing a rather nice pair of ladies dress slacks, unless you look closely at the fastening (the "wrong" way round") or notice the lack of pockets they are not obviously female, I wore them again tonight.   I couldn't help notice that they were a bit on the large side (YEA)  this is reflected in the knowledge that I have lost the half stone or so that I put on over Christmas., and while it is a very nice feeling, it also makes me think I really need to think about bum pads.   Penny has some interesting observations on this here.   I also fear that I might have mentioned this before myself.

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