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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bras and coffee

As I write this I am sitting in Costa Coffee shop in Hayes using the old laptop, generally when I am out I like to not make myself any more conspicuous than I need to.   That is not anymore conspicuous than any other 5’ 10” woman with 3 inch heels would be.   Add to that I’m not the only woman here in a dress!   There are quite a few people here, enough to make it hard to find a table free, some sheltering from the continuing rain, some on their way home from picking children up from school, and some just having a break from the day with a coffee, there is one other laptop out, but he got a better table than me.   So you can tell it’s fairly busy, of course that means that they have the most inexperienced member of staff on the till, first I got given a carry out instead of the rather nice tall glass cup I like my latte in, ten in place of that they managed to give me a double espresso, twice I had to complain before they got it right, and the manager brought my latte over to where I was sitting and apologised, so much for being inconspicuous.

The only reason I can be out as Paula at all is that rain people are sheltering from, it may make things a bit miserable for some people, but it means no outdoors work for me today, every job I had booked involved cutting grass or sawing wood, two of the things that just can’t be done properly in the rain.   Once I realised that the rain was in for the day my plan, was to get changed after meeting some friends for lunch, get out and maybe do a bit of admin work in a coffee bar, which is just what I am currently pretending to do, while really typing up this for Paula’s Place.   I’m not sure how long I will stay here as I also have a couple of cheques to pay in, and if I have the time to get to a larger shopping centre I do want to look at some lingerie sets, I definitely fancy getting matching bra, panties and suspender belt, something I have never had.

It’s now early Tuesday morning, I have returned for a rehearsal and am just updating todays post.   After finishing my coffee I decided I just had time to pop into Bromley and inspect a few shops.   First I visited BHS, there I encountered an assistant proudly wearing a sash announcing “ask me about our bra fitting service” or something like that ~ so I did.   I was taken into a changing room to be measured, by two assistants, at first I wondered if they were flocking together for protection but it soon became clear that the first assistant was in training and needed the help (not the protection) of the other.   They measured me while I still had on my dress and told me that I was a 38 or 40 C or DD, I though hum, and went to look at their selection which was rather limited in that sort of size.   I then crossed the road to good old Marks and Sparks, here the range was intimidating but I saw nothing that I had to have.   Part of the problem is that I have rather set my heart on a set and I would prefer black, or at least dark and the only three peace sets seem to be aimed at brides, not their mothers.

After Marks I went to Debenhams, once again I was taken into a changing room to be measured, but this tie I was invited to strip down to my slip before being measured, here they reckoned I was a 38 DD or E!   I did try a couple of 38 DDs but did not feel that I quite “filled the bill”, by this time they were about to close so I left without trying any more.   Primark were still open for another hour so I popped in there and checked out their selection.   Of their sets it seems that the Bras I like either do not come in a size that I could even consider or were accompanied by panties that were highly inappropriate.   All in all a rather entertaining if unproductive afternoon ~ still I’m not complaining.   The staff at Debenhams were very friendly and help full and suggested that I go back when both they and I have more time, late night opening on Thursday looks favorite at the moment.
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