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Paula's Place

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cold for the time of year

That is in our household, not in the garden, I had a good day at work yesterday I managed to get a job done at the garden of one of my customers that I have wanted to do since starting there over a year ago.   Nothing major, just putting a nice edge to a border that was barely discernible as a border when I started.   The whole garden looks better for it, I always think that if you can only spend a little time in the garden or are in a rush the biggest impact can be made by tidying up the edges of the lawn.   I also started at a new customer and caught up with my backlog at the Church garden ~ now I am only about three days behind schedule.   I need to make the most of what time I do have as I will be back in Cardiff this weekend to see Mum out of hospital, and the van is booked in for MOT and more repairs next Wednesday.
The Mother of the Bride?

I had an appointment with my opticians for a contact lens trial, but the lenses hadn't arrived, on the other hand my new glasses had arrived.   I now have two nice new pairs of varifocal glasses that I am trying t get used to.   It's not easy but it is also nice to be able too read without a struggle.

As indicated by the heading the situation is still frosty on the home front, to tell the truth I am actually looking forward to not being here over the weekend.    The photo is one I took last weekend while I had Mum's house to myself, this is my "Mother of the Bride" outfit ~ all I need is a hat 
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