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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What Actually Happened

As I mentioned earlier the last few posts were all prepared in advance as I was anticipating a busy Easter Weekend, it's just as well that I did that since I did end up with a very busy weekend ~ just not how I expected it to be.

On Saturday Morning I got a phone call from my sister in law in Cardiff to tell me that my Mother had had a fall and was being taken to hospital.   As my eldest brother (who lives in Cardiff) is currently on a three week skiing trip in Canada and my other brother working shifts for the next 10 days I got myself down to Cardiff as quick as possible.   As I would be away for an indefinite time I took the van leaving my wife with the car.   It is just co-incidence that much of my girl stuff was in the van.

As soon as I saw Mum I could tell that the situation was not too serious so could relax a little, apart from my visits to the hospital and trying to sort out some support for her when she can go home I was pretty much left to myself for the weekend, so I ended up spending much of the time dressed.

This all meant that I ended up having a reasonable weekend, the relief of Mum being OK and the knowledge that I was of use in her situation counteracting the disappointment of not being able t  do the things I had planned.

However I am now totally fed up, when I got home on Tuesday Morning I found that my Wife had decided to change round all the furniture in our bedroom, and go through my wardrobe and dispose of anything she disapproved of.   I have now lost a favourite slip, a nice black satin blouse, a white blouse with black spots and worst of all Roxanne's dress.   I am really not sure how to deal with this situation, if we do talk about it I am afraid I will lose my temper and say things I will later regret, how ever I am enormously saddened that I have been treated with such contempt and feel that I can no longer trust my wife.   She is on holiday from work this week but I will be working, at the moment I am also anticipating spending most of the evenings in my study, tidying up, doings some admin and sulking.

I don't know where this is going but I have taken off my wedding ring for the first time in 20 years.

I will post more on the weekend later ~ in the mean time today I will be going to the opticians again to be tested for contact lens, I have always resisted contacts as I am sensitive about anything close t my eyes, but I have been a bit better recently and as it's a free offer with my new glasses ( which I can't wait to get) I thought I would give the a try.
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