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Paula's Place

Saturday, 17 March 2012


One of the difficulties of y situation is doing the laundry, since my wife disapproves of Paula and my daughter simply does not know I am just not in a position to keep my washing up to date.   While on the one hand this gives me the excuse to own more "smalls" than I should really ever need it also means that there will always be something I want to wear that is not clean.   My normal practise is to wait for a rainy day when I will be at home and the rest of the family at work or school, and then do a load of washing.   However we are currently in the middle of a drought so it is some time since I have been able to get any washing done.

One option not available
There is also then the problem of garment care and appropriate drying, much of my stuff should not go into the tumble dryer, but I certainly can't hang them out to dry in the garden.   There would be too many explanations needed if anyone not in the know was to see a line of tights, stockings and pretty panties hanging out dry that are obviously not my daughters of wife's.   All that is of course before I start to think about my blouses, skirts and dresses.

Just another of those difficult to reconcile needs, on the old how to balance family and self when the interests don't match.
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