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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Winter Draws off

As winter draws to a close and spring is pushing it's nose up through the soil, most girls will be thinking about their new spring wardrobe, I'm musing on what I have enjoyed seeing and wearing over the winter.  What I have enjoyed wearing most out of the specifically winter clothes is my lovely full length Windsmore cashmere overcoat.   The length is perfect the material is lovely and soft and warm and oh so stylish.   In short it makes me feel good, which in turn makes me feel confident and therefore look good.   It is a quite traditional very dark blue in colour so it helps me not to stand out too much, and the length means that I can wear something a little more daring underneath with out worrying about how much leg I'm showing walking down the street.

I have also enjoyed seeing some of the other winter coats around, I am really pleased at the bright colours, there is a definite trend to bright coloured double breasted coats.   This is one fashion that has made it through from the catwalk to the suburban high street quite quickly, simply because it is good.   We love the bright colours, red and blue in particular, and the details of the the buttons or frogging.   These are great because they look good, and are practical.

Within this style there are of course a great many variations (as there should be) with many different styles and lengths, but they are all very stylish.   My particular favourites are the red, slightly military looking styles but the blues are good as well, if maybe not quite so popular.
There is also the great advantage for an over coat that they look good as casual or formal so one coat will do everything, I think the only worry would be a colour clash if the coat is shorter than the dress underneath.
I should of course acknowledge that the bright blue coat has been worn by one of nations leading style icons for many, many years; where some lead others will follow, sometimes it just takes a while for us to catch up.

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