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Paula's Place

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I managed to break another nail this evening, I've no idea how i just noticed a sharp edge and realised that another one had gone.   On Monday morning I had a lovely set of 10 nails all a nice even length and a decent shape, now on Wednesday evening I am looking at my left hand and that is fine, my right, well the thumb and little finger are fine, the other are a bit short and not such a good shape.   I have been wearing clear nail varnish in the hope that that would strengthen them against just this sort of thing, i doesn't seem to have worked and I am constantly aware of how obvious it is.


I was paid quite a pretty compliment  tonight at the band rehearsal, one of the trumpet players commented that due to my profession it wouldn't be a painting in the attic but maybe a hidden peace of topiary.   This is just further proof that taking care of ones appearance does pay off.   I use a moisturizer  and an exfoliating cleanser daily, combine that with (ladies) clothes that fit and clearly it pays off.
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